Tone Up CLub Fitness Studio Park Ridge IL

Tone Up Club is personal fitness studio located in Park Ridge IL offering weight loss programs, personal training, boot camps, zumba and Yoga

Why Tone Up?

Because we are dedicated to you by ensuring you receive the fitness results you want. Tone Up Club Studio has something for everyone, regardless of what fitness stage you are at. Our devoted personal trainers and staff create a fun and secure environment in which you can meet and exceed your fitness and health goals. 

Tone Up Club is a state of the art facility in Park Ridge conveniently located on Higgins Rd and Brophy Ave ,one block from the Cumberland Blue Line Stop. Tone Up Club is an expansive studio with 15’ ceilings and large windows producing a surplus of natural light. We are the best for anyone who wants to lose weight and/or Tone Up. We have the most energetic fitness classes in the area with only the most elite personal training staff.

Tone Up has developed a safe weight loss system that has a perfect track record. Not as simple as taking a pill, however it involves just showing up and we take care of the rest! We specifically design your workouts to match your goals and provide you with the tools to create healthier eating habits. There is a snowball effect that comes with poor health however there is the opposite snowball effect that occurs with our program. It begins with noticing your muscles feeling tighter, then your flexibility increases making you feel more loose. Soon you’ll think of food more as fuel and chose healthier options. Suddenly, it all hits you when you look in the mirror and see an improved you while your clothes hang looser… it becomes addictive! Now, get ready to challenge yourself!