Tone Up Club is a personal fitness studio offering personal training services
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  • Spots available: 1 or groups of up to 4 1h Level: Low to High

Personal training

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An individualized program is developed based on each client’s goals and interests with careful consideration of one’s health, background, and past fitness experience (activities, sports played, and personal suggestions). From this information we professionally tailor a custom program to meet your needs and help you achieve your personal goals as quickly as possible.

What to Expect

  • You will begin with a warm-up
  • Then a postural analysis to find any weaknesses that should be the focus
  • A full-body, multi-joint exercise program you can do with little or no machines to improve on those weaknesses
  • Additional exercises to be done to achieve your goals
  • A nutritional analysis which is a key element to any exercise program
  • Proper stretches to be done after your workout


Same as personal training but with a few of your friends with slightly less individualized time but the encouragement of your peers to push you harder! Watch everyone achieve their goals as a team and overcome any weaknesses


Get ready for any event but expect… everything you can endure to get you to your goals as quick as humanly possible.