Tone Up With Tots Parent and Toddler Fitness Class

Tone Up With Tots: Parent and Toddler Fitness Class at Tone Up Club

Although it may not feel like it, winter is here and that means your kids are spending more time inside and are not as active as usual. Keeping your children physically active and away from the TV and video games is extremely important for their health, and encouraging it at a young age is key. Studies have shown that children who exercise regularly develop stronger muscles and bones, decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, have improved quality of sleep and overall happier moods. Not only these health benefits, but also children who have regular physical activity perform better academically and can help build important interpersonal skills.

Reading and understanding about keeping your kids physically active is one thing, but actually doing it is another. Now that school is out for a couple weeks, we understand that finding fun activities for your children during these cold winter days can be difficult, especially when you want to be active as well!

Tone Up Club is here to help with that. Certified trainer and fitness expert Jeff Franckowiak and NWNB Music Makers’ Susan have developed a one of a kind workout experience that is not only for your child, but for you as well.

Finding time to exercise when having a young toddler no longer has to be tough, which is the genius behind this exciting workout class. Tone Up With Tots is a fun experience for both you and your toddler to bond and stay active together during these cold winter days. Jeff Franckowiak encourages, “You are your child’s personal trainer. Start a lifetime of healthy habits now!”

Come try it out, we promise you’ll love it! Click Here to learn more and register now.

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