Jeff Franckowiak

Jeff Franckowiak

Jeff is a certified personal trainer with over eight years of experience. He is certified through ACE and actively pursues educational opportunities to gain the most up to date knowledge that is relevant to the field of personal training. Before Jeff found his passion for personal training, his dedication to setting and accomplishing goals for himself helped him in obtaining a Civil Engineering degree from the University of Colorado – Boulder.  Jeff’s deep-rooted passion for setting and accomplishing goals for himself makes him effective in teaching his clients how to transform their lives by establishing healthy living habits.  For each client, Jeff is focused on establishing a personalized exercise routine with achievable, realistic goals that make each client feel good about themselves, enjoy exercise, and obtain measurable results.


Jeff’s Specialties:

  • American Council of Exercise (ACE) certified
  • Small Group certified through BTF
  • Partner Assisted Stretch certified through ISCA
  • Kickboxing certified through ISHA
  • Nutrition through BTF
  • Group Exercise through BTF
  • CPR & AED certified


I graduated from college with a Civil Engineering degree, but realized I have a passion for changing people’s lives through personal training.  I discovered this by teaching swim lessons at Bally’s Total Fitness. I then started training people.  I quickly gained clients through the dramatic results I helped them achieve.  As my satisfied clients spread the word through Bally’s and my availability became limited so I began organizing small group classes.  This was a new concept at Bally’s.  These sessions further grew into larger groups. It was extremely satisfying to help so many clients grow stronger, live healthier, and achieve their personal goals.  I then started my own personal training company and continued to grow the business using various studio spaces around the Park Ridge area. After meeting a kindred spirit in Bart, we decided it made sense to get our own studio together to further spread our knowledge, passion, and results. We are thrilled to offer a 1500 sq ft facility to run Boot Camps, Small Group, and 1 on 1 Personal Training!

Bart and I realize that committing to get in shape can be overwhelming. We understand the importance of creating a positive and happy environment for our clients.

I strongly believe that keeping excess weight off is vital for longevity of life and prevention of injuries. My goal is to help you create permanent healthy living habits and to help you feel good about yourself.